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Dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Fleischsaftgarung is a method of fresh meat that is cooked only in its own meat juice in a vacuum - just like in the kitchen. The meat juice is a nutrient-rich liquid that contains proteins, creatine and iron.

Dry food is created during a long cooking time in which the moisture of the meat juice is constantly reduced. During this process, the meat juice slowly condenses until the meat only has a small amount of residual moisture. Therefore, meat juice-cooked dry food is chewy-soft, which corresponds to the cooking level "Medium Well".

The special characteristics of dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

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Naturally nutrient-rich like BARF

Fleischsaftgarung is a preparation method that preserves all the nutrients of the meat.

Nothing is lost in a vacuum! Therefore, all natural vitamins and nutrients of the meat are preserved during the Fleischsaftgarung. The low temperature during the Fleischsaftgarung also preserves the positive properties of the vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is as nutrient-rich as BARF.

This is also confirmed by the daily recommended feeding amount of dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung. It indicates the amount a dog must eat to cover its daily requirement of nutrients. The recommended BARF daily requirement (two to three percent of body weight) corresponds approximately to the recommended feeding amount of dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung.

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Especially tasty

The Fleischsaftgarung requires a vacuum and under vacuum all natural flavours are preserved - this is not the case when boiling, baking and roasting.

The natural flavours of the meat are enhanced during the Fleischsaftgarung by reducing the meat juice. This intensifies the meat flavour of dry food, completely without flavour enhancers.

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Chewy-soft from the meat juice alone

Dry food is not dehydrated food! The Fleischsaftgarung transforms fresh meat into cooked meat with a small amount of residual moisture, which is called dry food. Dry food is created when the meat juice is reduced to such an extent that only a small amount of moisture remains in the meat. This results in a chewy, soft texture. Expressed in cooking stages, one would say "medium well.

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Quickly digestible, effectively digestible and very productive

Meat prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is quicker for dogs to digest and more effectively utilised than any other food. Domestication has changed the digestive system of dogs little. Then and now, meat is the dog's first source of food.

Even compared to raw meat, meat that has been prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is more digestible for the dog. During the Fleischsaftgarung, the protein structure in the meat changes. At first, the muscle proteins become firmer and release water. After longer cooking, the remaining protein also changes. The meat becomes tender, allowing the digestive juices to work better. Therefore, meat prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is easier and quicker to digest than raw meat.

The requirement-covering food quantity of dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung corresponds to that of BARF. Compared to most dry foods, it often appears to be much smaller, because dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is not increased in volume by unnecessary fillers.

If the dog needs less food to become full, this relieves the stomach and the digestive system, which has a positive effect on long-term health.

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Reduces the risk of gastric distention because it does not swell in the stomach

Dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung behaves like meat in the dog's stomach: it does not swell. This improves your dog's quality of life:
  • The dog does not feel dull and tired after the meal
  • No gastric distress due to swelling
  • Reduces the risk of gastric distention
  • No food soaking
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Beneficial for muscle building

Meat is known to be one of the best foods for building muscle because it has a high protein content. Meat proteins have a much higher biological value for dogs than for humans because the dog's digestive system has changed only slightly during domestication. It can, then as now, convert meat into energy for muscle building much better than any other food.

Fleischsaftgarung does not work with meat meal and that is a good thing because meat meal has a very high level of processing and would be marked deep red in the Nutri Score. Meat meal also contains a high ash content and therefore has a lower protein digestibility than meat prepared with Fleischsaftgarung.

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