Dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Fleischsaftgarung means that fresh meat is cooked only in its own nutrient-rich meat juice, as it would be in the kitchen. After prolonged cooking at low temperature and constant reduction of the moisture content of the meat juice, dry food is made from fresh meat. The consistency is not really dry, as is the case with dry food. The remaining moisture of the meat juice leaves the dry food chewable-soft.

The special characteristics of dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Gesunder und vitaler Hund durch Futter mit Fleischsaftgarung

Naturally nutritious

The low cooking temperature of Fleischsaftgarung preserves the natural nutrients of the fresh meat, including the meat juice, in the dry food.
Vital durch Trockennahrung aus Fleischsaftgarung

A tasty treat

The meat flavour is enhanced by the cooking technique of reduction, which not only dogs find super tasty. Amateur chefs know that the prerequisite for reduction in cooking is a juicy piece of meat, marbled with fat in a balanced way. Fat is a flavour carrier. During Fleischsaftgarung, the moisture content in the meat juice is slowly reduced. This enhances the natural meat flavour, completely without flavour enhancers, without attractants and without flavouring.

Hund springt über Wiese: Trockennahrung aus Fleischsaftgarung


The dry food prepared from Fleischsaftgarung stimulates chewing. The moisture of the meat juice is reduced during Fleischsaftgarung only to the extent that a residual moisture remains in the dry food, which makes it chewable-soft.

Hund apportiert einen Stock: Leichte Verdauung und hohe Ergiebigkeit

Easy digestion and high yield

During Fleischsaftgarung, the protein structure in the meat changes. Initially, the muscle proteins become firmer and release moisture. After longer cooking, the remaining protein also changes. The meat becomes tender, allowing the digestive juices to work better. Therefore, meat that has been prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is easier to digest than raw meat. Dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is natural, because it has not been increased in volume by adding water.

Therefore, the amount of this kind of food that dogs must eat in order to meet their nutrition requirements is often significantly less compared to most dry foods on the market. Less food relieves the stomach and digestive system, which has a long-term positive effect on health.

Snoopy würde sich über fleischsaftgegarte Trockennahrung freuen!

Does not swell up in the dog's stomach

Dry food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung behaves like meat in the dog's stomach. It does not swell up. This improves the quality of life for many dogs:

  • The dog feels less dull and tired after the meal

  • No stomach pain due to swelling
  • Reduction of the risk of gastric distention
  • No need to soak the food beforehand
Hund fängt Wurfscheibe: Trockennahrung aus Fleischsaftgarung erhöht die empfundene Lebensqualität Ihres Hundes

Lower carbohydrate content

Dry food and snacks prepared with Fleischsaftgarung contain only the necessary carbohydrates for dog health, and these are gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free and GMO-free.

This is because a diet high in carbohydrates delays digestion and is a common cause of tartar. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates to the amount necessary for health:

  • Facilitates digestion

  • Reduces the formation of tartar