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Dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Fleischsaftgarung – Fresh meat cooks only in its own juices in a vacuum at low temperature to become a wholesome dog food

Fleischsaftgarung makes cooked meat as nutrient-rich as BARF and thus combines the advantages of BARF with those of conventional dog food. Dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is particularly nutrient-rich and tasty, quickly digestible and effectively digestible, very productive and conducive to muscle building, while at the same time durable, balanced and convenient like conventional dog food.

Transparent and safe through independent testing by TÜV (now ELAB Analytik GmbH)

Dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is regularly and independently tested by TÜV (now ELAB Analytik GmbH). Dog owners can therefore be sure that the declared amount of fresh meat and the other ingredients are not embellished. The dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is also tested for harmful substances. This protects the health of the dog and its owner. The test parameters are published regularly.
Prepared like human food

Prepared like human food

The Fleischsaftgarung does not originate from the feed industry. It is a combination of cooking methods and other ways of preparing fresh meat, as used in high-end restaurant cuisine. Fleischsaftgarung therefore elevates dog food to the level of a healthy human diet, and this is intentional, because the dog is now the best friend and an equal part of the family. No longer being second-rate also means no longer being fed pet food. Dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung is thus not only a question of health, but also of the dog's position in the family.
Dog's teeth with the fangs and carnassials

Nature created your dog's body for fresh meat, as can be seen in the dog's teeth with the fangs (1) and carnassials (2).

The special features of dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

  • Nutrient-rich like BARF
  • Particularly tasty
  • Quickly digestible and effectively utilisable
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Highly nutritious due to high nutrient density
  • Reduces the risk of gastric distention
Additional properties of the dry food:
  • Does not swell in the stomach – no forage belly
  • Chewable-soft due to the Fleischsaftgarung
The Peanuts look into the distance

Fleischsaftgarung as an important part of health-related quality of life 

How do you feel? The question addresses perceived health. Its central components include physical well-being, mental state and social situation. This is no different for humans than it is for dogs. For example, how does your dog feel when you close the door in his face? Physically healthy, yet...

The origin of the domestic dog is believed to be about 15,000 years ago. Therefore, the forest is only a lot of fun for the dog, but it is no longer a place where domestic dogs can live. The family has completely replaced the pack. If in the past the perceived health was strongly dependent on the position in the pack, today the position in the family has replaced this. Therefore, for the sake of health, the dog should not feel worse off in any area of life than the other members of the family.

Fleischsaftgarung is an occasion for a holistic approach to dog health: away from the idea of the wolf, towards the family.

The cooking methods of Fleischsaftgarung

Healthy dogs with DRY FOOD through Fleischsaftgarung

prepared with Fleischsaftgarung

Active dog thanks to Fleischsaftgarung for WET FOOD

prepared with Fleischsaftgarung